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广告英语的词汇特点 自考本科《英语》毕业论文范文

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Advertising language is fascinating and persuasive. The use of the vocabulary has its unique novelty.This paper set English advertising as an example to have a tentative discussion of the characteristics of the use of vocabulary. 
Key words:English; advertising language; lexical features
摘  要
As China has successfully joined the WTO, the world economy growing trend towards integration. Every day we are full of advertising exposure to society. Not only is the Chinese advertising.,advertising in various languages, especially English ads everywhere. Ads into millions of households, to infiltrate every aspect of people's lives. In English advertising, shoddy, dull monotony of course there are, but in many ingenious, innovative, and unique superior works. This high-quality advertising in the language who have great attention to make great efforts. To lively, interesting results. Is a readable literary masterpiece, the fight for customers, expanding trade, open markets, promote competition played an important role. As an important part of English advertising language of an ad - ads in English, in addition to the general characteristics of the English language, there are also its significant features, and this is precisely the characteristics of significant performance in its vocabulary. The smallest as a language, the use of the most basic independent unit of the article in the understanding of the word plays an important role in the process. Whether the reader, or the translator is concerned, there is no clear meaning, it would not grasp the meaning of sentences and articles. Therefore, this article intends to ads in English as an example. Lexical features for some of their preliminary study.
2.1 Evaluative adjectives and adjectives comparative and superlative
2.1.1 Usually use strong colors compliment evaluative adjectives
Extensive use of English advertisements often strong colors compliment evaluative adjectives in order to make advertising the products or dissemination of information in the minds of consumers a vague but beautiful image, so as to achieve marketing purposes. Such as
1.Supreme Reds (Paris, L'Oreal hair dye cream series of ads)
2.With an ordinary facade but splendid interior decor, Royal Palaceis known as one of them ostexpenve apartment in Beijing. (Royal Palace Beijing real estate ads)
Such advertisements in English to win the favor of people compliment the most common adjectives there latest. up-to-date, fragrant. attractive. golden, successful, charming. comfortable. perfect, great, wonderfu1. first-rate, ever-lasting, super, unique, ideal and so on. These adjectives often make an ad suddenly enriched. No wonder the English advertising often jokingly as a never ugly, no suffering, no wild wonderful world.
2.1.2  The extensive use of the comparative and superlative
Comparison of adjectives and the most advanced but also frequently appear in the ad, with the aim of comparison, the raise the quality of their products to meet consumer mentality and preferences. Such as
1.Dale Batteries the original and still be the best. (Dale Battery original, best)
2.Let 's make things better. (Philips Let us do a better job)
Above two cases better use of comparative adjectives and superlative the best, let the reader in comparison to deepen the impression of the product, play a very good promotional effect.
In addition, some businesses will boldly to utilize part of speech, to utilize such adjectives as verbs in a sentence, to the south bank of Green River spring effect. Such as
3.Green your heart. (Health care products advertising Heineken Let your heart is full of energy)
4.Good to the last drop. (Maxwell House coffee ad to the last drop)
the magical number of adverbs with exaggerated significance
2.2  The magical effect of adverbs with exaggerated significance
Many English ads are often exaggerated by a number with meaning or with full or adverb of universal significance, and achieved good results, such as adverbs in the following Magical listen
1.Satisfaction Guaranteed Absolutely! (Home appliances ad)
2.No caffeine. Virtuallv no caries. Just a unique, sparkling citrus taste. A Fresca (Fresca drink slogan no caffeine, trace calories. A unique citrus flavor, and Shen Yi Kuang heart.)
3.We have hidden a garden of vegetables where you'd never expect in a pie. (Vegetable pie ad)
4.Intelligence everywhere. (Motorola Intelligence everywhere .)
5.To me, the past is black and white, but the future is always color. ( wine)
2.3  Simple but inflammatory verb
2.3.1  Often use a short verb
English advertisements often use some syllable or fewer letters short verbs, such as using get instead of obtain, buy place of purchase. With the use instead of utilize, etc., to make it simple and vivid language, the content at a glance. For example
1.Buy one pair, get one free. (Sunglasses ad buy one get one.)
2.Take TOSHIBA, cake the world. (TOSHIBA Electronics with Toshiba, the world.)
3.A Mars a daykeps you work, rest and play. (Mars Chocolate brand advertising a Mars chocolate a day, so you have a good work and rest.)
4.Impossible made possible. (Canon printer)
5.Honda has always made good carS. People  ove them. (Honda ad)
English verbs are advertising these short daily lives of most people, meaning most explicit verb. Although the meaning of their own different, but they are used to represent the ad or the relationship between providers and consumers. Such as have, get, give, buy, kep, and other major consumers of a commodity that the acquisition and ownership; see, take, taste, use and other consumers of a commodity, said the action and processes; and ask, like , love a certain product so that the consumer attitude and fondness.
2.3.2  The present participle of the verb form
Sometimes advertisers often use the verb form of a ing segmentation. Result in a dynamic, giving vivid, lifelike feeling. If the product to the customer front, call at any instant, ready. For example
1.Getn ~ g places in the business world is easier if your banker is there to met you. (Bank advertising)
2.Poetry in motion, dancing close to me. (TOYOTA Motor Poetry in motion. Dancing close to me)
3.Connecting people. (Nokia phones)
4.Making Communities Together. (Taiwan's Makoto Bank Advertisement Solidarity Community)
2.4  Magical personal pronouns
In order to narrow the gap between advertisers and consumers in the distance. Enhance the consumer's sense of participation (sense of participation), advertisers in English the use of personal pronouns is really spent a lot of effort, described pains. If the first person is often used to refer to advertisers, the second person to refer to the consumer, or a third person to refer the reader to understand the people. Consider the following example
1.We lead others copy. (Ricoh printers We lead, others follow.)
2.We integrate. . you communicate. (Mitsubishi Electric We integrate. You communicate.)
3.Spoil our self and not) our figure. (Weight-Watcher ice cream safe to eat. Do not worry about weight.)
4.She usually complains about my anniversary gifts. but this years he is going to smile. (Perfume ads)
It is worth mentioning is, some magical advertisers often the first person to refer me the product itself, to sell the goods intended to be a living thing, give it to people's character, ideas and activities, to thinking, talking, let self-introduction, and even boast. This is not only a deeper description of the product's features and functionality, and ease of a vivid impression of consumers to make their feelings resonate with the ads. For example
5.Time always follows me. (Rossini ladies fashion watch when asked because I exist)
6.Just call me. be happy. (Far EasTone Telecommunications)
2.5 Flexible application of indefinite pronoun
Many advertisers to cater to the prevailing herd mentality of consumers sometimes use al1, everyone, none, nothing so that all areas in the indefinite pronoun, to increase their popularity, reflecting the extraordinary characteristics of a commodity or has been generally accepted by consumers. Such as
1.All is well that ends well. (Tobacco advertising the more able to get behind the more flavored JL)
2.Today 's Nobody. Tomorrow's Somebody! (Somebody Taishin Bank credit cards)
3.None is more amazing than Alba Quartz. (Watch ad)
2.6  Using numbers, let the facts speak
Chinese advertising in order to make a product with a compelling, in general, commitments, but the expression of cultural differences in different ways. Chinese advertising in the usually provincial superior Bu (awarded the superior quality produced by the provincial government and the Ministry concerned.) Access to quality Gold (awarded Gold Cup for quality) to show the authority of the product, some product advertising Zeyi an expert, professor to make commitments. Such as A professor from the invention (invented by Professor ... ...). In fact, the English advertising focus on the authorities, but advertisers prefer to let the facts speak for themselves, they often use the data obtained after repeated testing or to quantify the final results of the survey data to convince consumers, both simple and clear, clear, achieve a multiplier effect
1.How to getloo watts of light for only 44 watts of electricity (Home appliances ad)
2.You see, in laboratory tests. now Crest Complete got up to 3796 farther between teth than the leading flat brush. (Toothbrush ad)
3.A perfume with a fragrance as beautiful and lingering as only 4,000 flowers can be. (Perfume ads)
2.7  The flexible use of complex words
By the various hyphenated compound words concise, flexible and convenient method of word formation, not only has been in the news in English, English and other modern technology can be widely used in the English style, but it is much favored by advertisers, the advertising is in English for common, almost everywhere. Such as
1.Italian designer Valentino'S 2004 Spnng-Summerready-to-women's fashion colection presentation. (Fashion show ads)
2.International air express and cargo sales, sea-and-air co-ordinate transport information and consulting services.
C0sco International Air Freight (shipping advertising)
Such compound words in English advertisements abound, as the modification common are top-quality fresh-tasting best-selling easy-to-dress brand-new carefully-selected and so on.
2.8  Recurring key words
In order to strengthen the tone. Highlight the product of a performance, or impress, so that consumers easily remember the name of the product. Advertisers often at any cost, recurring key words to the attention of the advertising value and the value reflected most vividly remember, people can blurt out the name of a commodity and its advantages. Such as
Chilies create a nation of fire-eaters in search of heat.
- - Daily News (dried chili ads)
      2.She is the nimblest girl around.
      Nimble is the way she goes.
      Nimble is the bread she eats.
      Light. delicious. Nimble. (Jie bread ad. Note The use of pun sentence modification techniques, translated she is the most agile around the girl. Agility is a characteristic of her manners. Jie is her consumption of bread - soft, delicious, Ming Jie )
2.9  Innovative spelling, enhance the attractiveness, lively and interesting
Advertising English pursuit of novelty, unique, eye-catching, often with some words not found in the dictionary. Sometimes the pursuit of advertising hyperbole, unconventional results, based on characteristics of the product. To imitate the word formation, spelling homophonic piece, or by other substitution variants means that he coined new words and even some of Zhao Yan typos. Although the new coinage and different form of the original word, but meaning still remain, giving a natural, wonderful feeling.
2.9.1  Misspelling
Misspelling is a common spelling of innovation, can form the same or similar pronunciation, reflecting the humor, emphasizing the theme.
4ord costs 5ive% le $ $. (Ford Motor)
This ad English misspellings vivid eye-catching, interesting, probably the most casual reader will also look to be caught, can not be ignored.
2.9.2  The proper use of prefix and suffix
English ads sometimes use some discretion before the suffix, to form new words or product names. Although the ad constitutes a new English words with affixes is not too much, but many of them pose with a new word before a suffix or trade names does greatly enrich the expressiveness of the language of advertising, particularly a prefix super, mega one, the suffix ex and y the most prominent one. The first ad in which super prefix used frequently in English, said super. Super, such as justice. Such as
1.Lux the ad superich (foam rich, super moist), mega one, said the king, or large, such as mega-star film star, mega-hit movie blockbusters. mega-dollar super-huge sum of money, Mega-stars Jiang Wen (Jiang Wen) and Ge You (Ge You) take the lead role in this home1and film, (a video ad.)
Suffix is generally considered from a ex excellence, often appear in many words in the trademark.
For example Timex to all. and to all a good time, timex is ex time a variant of the suffix, to emphasize Timex The accuracy and timing characteristics table. Y by a suffix consisting of a new word means a little bit And with Color or features of the other meaning of words with a strong El color. To read quite popular kind. Catchy. Such as bubbly beer, milky flavor, silky hbric, toasty bread and so on.
2.10 Frequent use of acronyms
Acronym also known as the acronym is a word in the phrase of the first letter of the major condensation, and therefore they can replace a few letters a few words. This eye-catching but also no shortage of nice words likely to cause a trademark of the curiosity of customers to attract their attention, arouse their desire to purchase, to improve the economic efficiency of goods, which frequently show his face in the ad. For example
1.We offer-R guarantees guaranteed repmr, replacement and refund. (Electrical advertisement three guarantees repair, replace or return)
2. SALT Sardian Shipping Service Sea-borne. Air-borne and Land-surface Transportation (Joint Shipping Company sea and air transport)
             3.3 a U Brand
             Unrivaled quality
             Unbeatable prices
             Unrested service (three excellent brand furniture good quality; price; quality of service)
In summeries, advertising the use of English in vocabulary has its own unique, novelty, in the ad in English for an important role to play. The superior quality of English advertising for expanding markets, promoting sales, win customers, win the competition, undoubtedly played a crucial role. With China's WTO membership and greatly enhanced overall national strength, China will more quickly to the world, more and more Chinese products will fly into the homes of ordinary people in Europe and America, so the English advertising business is a sunrise industry. In this paper, characteristics of business English vocabulary of advertising research, advertising can be translated to the majority of English fans to provide useful experience. Advertising English vocabulary features an interesting topic worthy of further excavation and research.
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